Professor getting back to basics of teaching

Michael Wesch, a professor at Kansas State University, has long been an advocate of using technology in the classroom. However, Wesch has been rethinking his approach to teaching following input from his colleagues, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Wesch has taught classes using Twitter, YouTube and other modern technology that many students are familiar with. However, Wesch told the news source that while technology can make lessons more relevant and engaging for students, it shouldn't be used for its own sake or if it jeopardizes the relationship between a lecturer and student.

According to The Washington Post, experts at Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University and George Washington University (GWU) are researching ways to make lectures more engaging, such as breaking them up into smaller sections and having students work in groups to tackle coursework. Some researchers fear that traditional lectures are daunting, and are putting students off filling out college applications.

"If we want to get that whole human being out at the other end, we have to offer them a variety of experiences. And the lecture is part of it," Hartmut Doebel, a biologist at GWU, told the news source.

Would this method of teaching appeal to you, or are lessons that use Twitter and the internet more interesting? 


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