President’s ability to deliver on college affordability promises questioned

As the uncertain economy and hesitant job market continues to worry big banks and average Americans alike, President Barack Obama has made the affordability of a college education a top priority for his administration. However, some experts are questioning whether or not the president can deliver on his promises to make education more affordable, reports the Huffington Post.

Although the president and his staff have been vocal about the need to address rising college tuition fees and certain institutions' selectivity, few details have been provided by President Obama or his administration on how they plan to accomplish this.

"I don't think they go far enough," Margaret Spellings, former secretary of education, told the news source. "There's nothing in [the government's] funding proposals that suggests game-changing proposals in higher education."

Measures planned by the Department of Education include the funding of a new First in the World competition, according to its official website. Costing $123 million, the initiative would reward top-performing colleges and universities with increased funding based on college admission factors, graduation rates and proven academic outcomes for students.

Although many of the issues facing new students may seem complicated, it's never been more important to earn a college degree. If you're thinking about filling out a college application, be sure to research sources of financial aid such as scholarships, which could help pay for things like tuition and materials.

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