Possible introduction of report cards for colleges face scrutiny

For students doing a college search, there is a lot of information to process. Some experts are asking whether colleges should provide an easily understood overview of their strengths in the form a college report cards, according to The Atlantic.

Many people are in favor of such a system. With the costs of a college education rising every year, some feel that universities should do more to disclose the potential return on investment of earning a degree at their institution. Another reason that college report cards could be useful is that data on graduation rates, admissions factors and financial aid awarded could be audited by an independent body, something that is not done at present.

Some experts have said that publishing data on graduation rates could encourage colleges to improve standards. According to The Washington Post, some schools in the Washington, D.C. area have what some feel are unacceptably low graduation rates. College report cards could not only help students and parents make better-informed decisions, but could push struggling colleges to improve.

If you're considering filling out a college application, make sure to do plenty of research. Don't just rely on facts from prospective colleges – look into data from other sources before committing to any decisions.

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