New report says that college data on student learning remains inaccessible

One strategy that can help when you're trying to find the college for you is to look at data provided by your prospective schools to see how many students are succeeding in their studies. While this can be one way of figuring out how good the faculty and curricula of prospective universities are, it is becoming harder for parents and candidates college applicants to do so, according to a new report.

The study intended to see how transparent colleges are being with prospective students and their parents. The results of the report indicate that many schools are being too selective with how they present this information.

The report surveyed 200 publicly accessible school websites to see how much information was available on student performance. Very few colleges provided candidates and their parents with data that could be easily understood, and this could make a college search more difficult.

"Colleges and universities are posting more information on their websites about whether their students are learning, but most such data are still available only on internal sites," reads the report, as quoted by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators website.

Have you tried finding this information as part of your college search? Would student grades and surveys influence your decision? 


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