More young women advancing career prospects through education

In today's challenging economy, job security and advancement prospects are two issues faced by many young people, especially college students. However, in an attempt to improve their chances in a demanding employment market, many young women are choosing to go back to school, reports The New York Times.

According to the news source, many young women see the current economic climate as an opportunity to take a break from the workforce and develop their skills while earning degrees that could make them more valuable to potential employers. Many of their male counterparts, however, are choosing to remain in the workforce. More than 412,000 young women have opted to leave employment in the past two and a half years.

Some students believe that equality in the workplace is a driving factor in many young womens' decision to fill out college applications instead of remain in work.

"Almost everyone in my program is female," Laura Baker, a 24-year-old communications major at the University of Denver, told the newspaper. "That’s partly because of the program, but also because as women we feel like we have to be more educated to be able to compete in really any field."

Joan Gallos, a professor of management and education at the University of Missouri, wrote in her blog that such a move could benefit many women choosing to brave this path in today's challenging economic conditions. 


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