Michigan university offers students the opportunity to complete degrees in less time

To help students graduate, Michigan State University (MSU) has introduced a number of measures such as streamlined degree programs and revised credit hour systems, according to school officials.

Academic leaders at MSU are rethinking the ways in which credit hours are awarded to students. Proposals for changes to the credit system include allowing students to earn credit through tests and coursework. Other plans, such as removing outdated prerequisites from some degree programs, are also being considered.

"We are extremely sensitive to students’ need to earn their degrees in the most cost- and time-efficient way," Kim Wilcox, provost at MSU, said in a statement. "Michigan State is doing its utmost to recognize credits its students earn elsewhere and expand other options to efficiently and effectively complete their programs – while maintaining or enhancing the quality of an MSU degree."

Other schools across the country are implementing new ways to help students finish their degrees. According to KSAT News, the University of Texas System recently introduced a number of online degree programs as part of a completion initiative to help students graduate.

When you're doing a college search, look into how your prospective degree programs are structured. Some universities may offer ways to help you graduate sooner.


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