Massachusetts governor calls for community college overhaul

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick called for community colleges across the state to be coordinated under a centralized board to enable them to better prepare students for the needs of the job market, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Patrick wants the state's 15 community college campuses to be overseen by a centralized board to focus on job training across Massachusetts. The governor discussed his plans with leaders from many of the state's community colleges earlier this week. Under the plans, academic officials at the institutions would report to the new board.

"We have a skills gap [in Massachusetts]," said Governor Patrick during his annual State of the Commonwealth address, as quoted by The Boston Globe. "We can do something about that. We can help people get back to work. And our community colleges should be at the center of it."

Community colleges can be a great way to explore new majors or learn practical skills that can help you find work. Many of these schools offer training in occupations that may not be suited to a traditional four-year degree program, such as automotive engineering or heating, ventilation and air conditioning. However, many also offer more traditional college majors, like business administration and nursing.

If you're thinking of filling out a college application for a community college, talk to your adviser about the employment prospects of the training program you're interested in.

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