Marketing professor uses technology to engage students

Even for the most diligent college student, sitting through lengthy lectures can be difficult. To help students get the most out of their lectures, Mike Garver, a marketing professor at Central Michigan University, is using technology to deliver his lectures in an engaging way, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Garver records his marketing lectures in a studio, edits them down to more manageable lengths of between five and 30 minutes before making them available on the university's iTunes U page for download. Garver says that not only does this approach work more effectively at sustaining his students' interest, but that it also suits his lecturing style, which he says is conversational, integrating stories from his own life and experience to engage his classes.

"I kind of gave up lecturing in the classroom," Garver told the news source. "I'm actually thinking of cutting the 15-minute lecture into smaller chunks."

Using technology in the classroom is becoming increasingly common for both students and faculty. According to the 2011 ECAR National Survey of Undegraduate Students and Information Technology, 43 percent of students polled stated they thought that their academic institutions needed to introduce more technology into the classroom.

How do you feel about approaches to lessons such as this? Would you be more likely to fill out a college application if the prospective school delivered classes in this way? 


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