Map Junkies, Rejoice!

We’ve add a slick new way to keep track of all the invitations you’re getting– the Invitation Map. The map is a great way to get a quick overview of all the colleges that have found you on Cappex.

When you decide to share your contact info with a college, you’ll see that too — a green check when you say yes, a red X when you choose not to be contacted, a question mark when you’re not sure yet, and a star for new invitations.College Invitation Map

Another cool feature is the ability to zoom-in and look at the actual campus. We think it’s pretty fun to use the map to get a glimpse of the colleges that are on Cappex. Zoom-In on the Campus

Enjoy the map! And remember, there’s a better way to see the campuses … Apply for the College Tour Scholarship! Every month, we select two of our students to receive a free airline voucher to visit the campus of their choice! It’s easy to apply — just look on the scholarships tab in your account.

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