Is Your Email Correct on Cappex?

One of the things we noticed when looking through all the students who’ve signed up for Cappex is that sometimes people mistype their email address when signing up. Maybe they typed instead of, or maybe they “fat fingered” their email address (for instance, they typed auser1243 instead of auser1234).

Whatever the cause, the effect was the same – they wouldn’t be able to get the benefits of Cappex. They couldn’t get their email validated. If they said they wanted to hear more from a college, the college might have a hard time reaching them via email. And so on.

So we did two things. First, new users are asked to enter their email twice, that’s a big help toward eliminating common typos. Second, we are now automatically looking for common typos as you type ( instead of, for instance) and warning you beforehand that your email address may contain a typo.

Bottom line, you won’t be successful on Cappex unless you have a valid email address with your profile … and we’re making it easier (we hope) for you to do just that.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on this feature or anything else on Cappex, let us know.

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