Higher education discussed in New Hampshire ahead of presidential visit

Higher education has been discussed in New Hampshire ahead of a planned presidential visit

Members of the media and several academic officials from across New Hampshire discussed the future of higher education in the state and across the country ahead of President Barack Obama's planned visit to the Granite State later this month, reports the Nashua Telegraph.

Tara Payne, vice president of college planning for the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation, said students thinking of filling out college applications have plenty of options.

"Students should be encouraged to attend postsecondary education," Payne told the news source. "Families should explore lots of different types of campuses and lots of different avenues for achieving the goal of a postsecondary degree – part-time, full-time, living away from home and commuting to school."

According to The Boston Globe, President Obama is scheduled to visit Nashua Community College as part of his reelection campaign. He will discuss the importance of two-year schools to the economy and their role as ways for students to earn practical skills that can help them find jobs.

If you're considering attending a community college, think about how your major will help you find a job when you graduate. Although you should study something you're interested in, employment prospects are important, too.

Original Post Date: March 1st, 2012

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