Guidelines for student learning supported by higher education advocates

The leaders of more than two dozen accrediting bodies, college associations and other groups are expected to voice their support for a series of guidelines intended to measure how students are learning, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability (NLASLA) has been working with colleges, universities and education advocacy groups for the past three years to develop a framework to evaluate student learning outcomes and how colleges can improve. The adoption of these guidelines could prove useful for students performing a college search, as it could enable them to see which colleges are performing well and how students are benefiting from their degree programs.

David Paris, executive director of the NLASLA, said the new guidelines would "test whether [colleges] are actually doing what needs to be done about gathering, reporting and using evidence of student learning."

The plans are just one way that education experts are evaluating how colleges are teaching students. According to The Atlantic, many schools are considering introducing college report cards to assess how well universities are performing in terms of student learning, graduation rates and other factors.

If you're filling out college applications, be sure to do plenty of research about how well your prospective schools are performing. Talk to your adviser about things like schools' graduation rates before committing to any decisions. 

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