Graduation rates at community colleges in Illinois addressed by new proposals

State officials have proposed new measures to improve the 20 percent graduation rate at community colleges across Illinois, reports Inside Higher Ed.

In a speech made by Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon, performance-based funding and publicly available college report cards would make schools more accountable for their graduation rates and encourage community colleges to improve standards. She added that schools across the state should implement four-year math programs in high schools to ease the pressure on community colleges to provide remedial math programs.

"Community colleges are the future of the Illinois economy. Nearly one million students pass through their doors each year in search of accessible, affordable education and career training," reads a report presented to Simon and the Illinois General Assembly. "Unfortunately, too many students leave campus without the certificate or degree necessary for a good-paying job."

According to a recent article published in The Atlantic, college report cards would make it easier for students thinking about filling out college applications to assess whether a prospective school is right for them.

When you're thinking about filling out college applications, be sure to talk to your adviser about things like a school's graduation rate. Although this shouldn't be the entire basis of your decision, it can give you a better idea of your chances of finishing your degree successfully. 

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