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Today’s question is inspired from an article from

Twin brothers, Cary and Michael Huang are the 14-year olds who created the interactive”Scale of the Universe 2″ that takes you from the very smallest features postulated by scientists (the strings in string theory) to the very largest (the observable universe). Here’s what Cary had to say about it:


“My seventh grade science teacher showed us a size comparison video on cells, and I thought it was fascinating. I decided to make my own interactive version that included a much larger range of sizes,” said Cary in an email forwarded by his mother. “It was not a school project — just for fun. However, my science teacher loved it so much she showed [it] to the class! My brother, Michael, helped me put it on the internet.”


Take a look at the project. What do you find surprising or amazing about scale?


What do you find surprising or amazing about a high school student taking on such a big project for fun?


Does anything inspire you to educate and challenge yourself while not in class?

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