Federal funding improving standards at community colleges, says report

According to a new study published by the Community College Research Center, schools that receive federal funding based on how they perform are more likely to use data about student demographics in order to plan how they deliver their programs, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The results of the study suggest that schools receiving performance-based funding were more likely to be aware of the standard of the programs they offer in relation to national targets. These schools were also found to rely more extensively on student data in regards to how they plan their courses, and were viewed more positively in comparison to other colleges.

"In Florida, a study of three community colleges found wide awareness in two of the colleges of the state mandates linked to performance, and the fact that community colleges are expected to focus on performance," reads the report.

Initiatives such as performance funding can be a real benefit to students filling out college applications for this kind of institution. Community colleges can be much more affordable than private four-year universities, and measures like the ones outlined in the report could mean even better value for money for students.

Don't dismiss community colleges when you're doing a college search. They can be a great way to explore new majors, save some money and really plan what you want from your academic experience.

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