Facebook Study: College students who create events better students?

laptopYet another study on how college students use Facebook has surfaced, and we’ve decided to forward it on to you because, well, it’s actually kind of interesting.

The study from Computers & Education, titled “The relationship between frequency of Facebook use, participation in Facebook activities, and student engagement,” sheds some light on how using Facebook affects its users. Now, you could probably infer the obvious–time spent on Facebook is time spent away from studying and therefore negatively affects its users–but, this study actually differentiates between the various activities on Facebook and illustrates that Facebook will have a positive or negative effect on your education based on the way you use it.

So which activities on Facebook mean you’re being a good student and which mean that you’re…well…not studying up to par?

The study found that certain behaviors on Facebook correlated stronger with student engagement on campus and time spent studying, while other behaviors on Facebook inversely correlated with those things.

So positive predictors of time spent studying and engagment on campus were:

  • Creating or RSVPing to Events
  • Commenting on content

The negative predictors were:

  • Playing games
  • Posting photos
  • Facebook chatting

Does it surprise you that certain activities on Facebook correlate with being more engaged on campus and diligent student? Leave comment below!

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  1. Cheryl Johnson says:

    I think those who create or participate in events tend to make better leaders, which often makes for a better student. Also, responding to posts is an indication of participation…and participators are usually better students, as well. That being said, those are just generalities and by no means a rule.

  2. Emily says:

    The idea of this article is interesting, but it’s a bit flawed. There’s no proof in it that facebook use causes students to do well in school. More likely doing certain activities on facebook and doing well in the classroom are simply correlated. That being said, I’m not surprized that more studious students have a tendency to create and participate in events. They’re more involved in everyday life than having a lot going on on their facebook pages if they’re participating in events.

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