Expert says mobile marketing becoming increasingly important for universities

With smartphones becoming more affordable and accessible than ever before, many students are choosing to use these devices to search for a college. According to Bob Johnson, president of marketing firm Bob Johnson Consulting, universities should make sure their websites are accessible and attractive when viewed on mobile devices.

"[College applicants are] using their mobile devices for web browsing and more," Johnson said during a recent webcast. "They want to be able to calculate college costs, schedule campus visits, watch videos, access social media and complete [a college application] form."

Brian Niles, who also contributed to the webcast, said that these features are surprisingly lacking from many larger college sites, and that schools need to improve the way their websites are viewed on smartphones.

According to the recent 2011 ECAR National Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, approximately 55 percent of students owned a smartphone. Of that figure, 37 percent said that they had used their mobile device for academic purposes within the past year.

Do you use your smartphone for school? Would you consider filling out a college application or finding school information in this way?


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