Engineering students studying harder than business majors, says report

Students enrolled in engineering degree programs spend more time studying than individuals pursuing business qualifications, according to this year's National Survey of Student Engagement, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education. The survey polled more than 416,000 freshmen and seniors from 673 schools across the U.S.

According to the report, engineering majors spend an average of 19 hours per week studying from textbooks, as opposed to the 14-hour average reported by business majors.

However, although business students studied the least, they tended to work the most, with many business majors working as many as 16 hours per week. The report also suggested that students enrolled in business degree programs were more likely to work in order to support dependents.

The study also explored learning habits of today's students. According to The New York Times, although 85 percent of students took notes during their classes, only 65 percent actually reviewed their notes outside of class.

Are you thinking of filling out a college application for a business or engineering degree? How many hours per week would you spend hitting the books? 


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