Demand for virtual internships increasing

Internships can be an important part of many students' college experience. Providing individuals with the chance to gain valuable hands-on skills in the workplace, internships can be a great opportunity. However, according to an article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, demand for virtual internships – those conducted over the internet – are on the rise.

Virtual internships can be beneficial to both students and employers. Modern technology provides the means for interns to gain work experience without being physically present in an office, which can save time and money by eliminating the need for commuting.

"I think there is an appeal with some of these virtual internships because they can still contribute to an organization while living at home for the summer and saving money," Geni Harclerode, assistant director of the University of Michigan’s Career Center, told the news source.

According to The Breeze, the student newspaper of James Madison University, internships can be important for many students to prove to potential employers they have some experience in the field they want to enter. Internships can provide students with the practical knowledge of the workplace that many employers are looking for.

When you're filling out college applications, be sure to research whether your prospective degree program offers internship opportunities, or if internships are required to graduate. You never know – you may end up gaining valuable hands-on experience without leaving your dorm room.


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