Community colleges to regulate effectiveness more transparently

If you're one of the many students trying to find the college for you, community colleges may be a tempting way to explore new majors at a more affordable price. However, even if you use a college search engine, it can be tricky finding out how good a community college is. The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) recently announced that it plans to address this problem with the release of a new series of assessment guidelines, reports Inside Higher Ed.

According to the AACC's official website, the new Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) is the first series of guidelines created by community colleges for the sole purpose of providing potential students with greater insight into how member colleges are performing. The VFA will also be used by member schools to more effectively develop the way they teach.

"Some will not like the results because transparency will show the good and the ugly," Eduardo Marti, vice chancellor for community colleges at the City University of New York, told the news source. "But by using common metrics we will advance the public's understanding and appreciation of the excellence that exists at many of our colleges."

The VFA is expected to be adopted by all of the AACC member schools by next year, which could make finding the college for you just a little easier . 


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