Colleges experiment with radical new course delivery trial

The time it takes some students to complete their degrees has been a hot topic of conversation in higher education recently. In an experiment to offer students a new way to learn, officials from several universities are delivering a wide variety of material in a single semester, reports The Washington Post.

The project, known as Great Big Ideas, aims to deliver a significant amount of course content in subject areas such as economics, art, sociology and classical literature through online videos published by the Floating University. Colleges participating in the experiment include Harvard University, Bard College and Yale University. The course was designed by Adam Glick, a Yale alumnus.

"We’re delivering something that’s purposefully an inch deep and a mile wide," Glick told the Yale Daily News. "That’s the opposite of most education, where you look at something in a very narrow field."

Students will be given full credit for completing the classes.

According to the Floating University's website, the objective of the venture is to provide any student, anywhere, with high-quality educational resources, and to enable students to access materials that encourage them to consider new majors, learn about new subjects and expand their academic experience.

If you're thinking, "Help me find a college," the answer could be as close by as your computer. 


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