College students respond to technology

Many college students appreciate the integration of technology in the classroom.

Many universities across the country have recently tried to make their institutions more technology friendly, knowing that doing so can make them more appealing to students. This may be accurate, as a new CourseSmart survey of 515 college-aged students shows that these individuals greatly value technology in the classroom.

According to the survey, a large number of degree seekers own modern technology tools. For example, approximately 52 percent of college students own an iPhone or an Android smartphone, while 24 percent have tablet devices, such as an Apple iPad. Similarly, although many students said they still use hard copies of their textbooks, about 65 percent said they would be willing to try using e-books in the future.

Additionally, almost 80 percent of degree seekers said they would appreciate it if their professors would use social networking websites, such as Twitter, to respond to students' questions.

Students who feel it is important to find a college or a university that is technology friendly may want to conduct a college search to select the right school. Doing so can allow degree seekers to see if their prospective schools offer online classes, have vast social networking campaigns or utilize technology in other unique ways.  

Original Post Date: September 21st, 2011

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