College News Roundup

Up-to-date college news from this week:

New college graduates earning less than a decade ago

According to the Economic Policy Institute, new college graduates are earning less than they were a decade ago.

According to the LA Times, “In 2011, fresh college grads earned an average of $16.81 an hour, or about $35,000 a year. That’s down 5.4% from 2000. Women fared worse than men. Their wages declined 8.5% to $15.74 an hour over the same period while those of men dipped 1.6% to $18.29 an hour.”

The LA Times goes on to say, “The average graduate is on the hook for $25,250. And unlike other forms of debt, student loans are virtually impossible to discharge through bankruptcy. Uncle Sam frequently garnishes paychecks, tax refunds, even Social Security payments from people who haven’t paid their government-backed loans.”

New York Rangers Chris Krieder: From College to the Conference Finals

One month ago, New York Rangers forward Chris Krieder was just another student on the campus of Boston College. Now he is scoring game winning goals in the NHL playoffs. Krieder, 21, has 4 goals in his 14 NHL games since finishing school. All those games are in the playoffs. He is the first player to score 4 playoff goals before his first regular season game since the 1950s. Known for his blazing speed, Krieder has been an integral part of the Rangers’ slow march to the Eastern Conference finals.

Krieder, who is living out of a suitcase, has impressed his other teammates. Rangers forward Brian Boyle said, “He has surprised me, even though I knew he had a lot of talent. The way he handles himself is impressive. It’s not easy coming into a dressing room in this situation. He has helped us win games.”

College Tuition Dispute Takes Place on Texas Campus

With Gov. Rick Perry, slashing budgets across the board, University of Texas at Austin is raising proposing a 2.6% tuition raise. This is causing a lot of controversy on campus amongst the school’s regents and staff as well as students.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“The dispute has reached such a point that the chancellor of the state’s multi-campus university system, Francisco G. Cigarroa, stated this week that he hasn’t tried to fire William Powers Jr., president of the Austin campus.

The trend of consistently raising tuition to counter reductions from other funding sources is not sustainable for students and parents,” Mr. Cigarroa said in a statement Wednesday.”

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