College News Roundup

Up-to-date college news from this week:

Playoffs to Come to College Football?

It’s looking increasingly likely that NCAA College Football could end up with a “final four” of its own. The BCS is toying with the idea of a four-team playoff to decide the national championship winner. That idea, along with a small list of other options, are being presented to the various conferences who will decide the fate of the system. According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Commissioners from the BCS conferences will present to conference constituents two to seven options for a four-team playoff. Those options include holding semifinals at campus sites, as well as neutral-site games. A championship game will be held at a neutral site, either an existing bowl or a site that bids in advance to host the game.”

Students Protest College Debt

While President Obama was travelling the country to pressure congress to renew low interest rates on student loans, students were protesting rising college debt. The protests on Wednesday were designed to draw attention to the day that US student loan debt was set to hit $1 Trillion. According to Reuters:

“Several hundred protesters, mostly college students wearing placards noting the size of their debt loads, rallied in New York City’s Union Square park on Wednesday.

They set fire to student debt documents and held signs reading ‘Debt free degrees’ and ‘Education in America: Don’t bank on it.’”

The Veep Visits NYU           

Vice President Joe Biden visited NYU this week. His remarks included criticism of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy. Biden criticized the presumptive Republican nominee for comments that he made saying that he would rely on the State Department heavily for foreign policy advise.

Biden said, “In my view, the last thing I think we need is a president who will subcontract our foreign policy to some expert at the State Department. That kind of thinking may work for a C.E.O., but it cannot and will not work for a president, and it will not work for a commander in chief.”

The big sound bite from the speech though was when the Vice President created a bit of a stir by saying that the president has a “big stick.” He was referencing the famous Teddy Roosevelt quote.


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