College News Roundup

Up-to-date college news from this week:

Oberlin College Gets Sneak Preview of HBO’s “Girls”

On Thursday night, Oberlin College students got a sneak preview of HBO’s new comedy, “Girls.” The show, which is written and directed by Oberlin Alum, Lena Dunham, premieres on Sunday night. The show centers on the lives of post-college young women living in Brooklyn, NY. This screening was part of an effort on HBO’s part to market this show to college campuses.

Dunham rose to a level of notoriety within the indie film circle after her low-budget post-graduate film “Tiny Furniture” was well received on the festival circuit. That led to the development of this show for HBO. Comedy kingmaker, Judd Apatow, signed on to produce the show in his first return to television since his well-liked but poorly rated shows “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared.”

Body of Missing Boston College Student Found

Tragedy struck the campus of Boston College on Wednesday. In a heartbreaking turn of events, the body of missing Boston College student Franco Garcia was pulled out of a reservoir near campus on Wednesday. Garcia was last seen leaving a bar near campus after a night out with fellow members of the school’s Symphonic Band. The 21-year-old chemistry major was the son of Peruvian immigrants. He had planned to attend medical school after graduation.

School President Rev. William Leahy said in a statement:

“The news of today causes deep sadness, and our hearts go out to the Garcia family and his many friends at Boston College. More than ever, we need to remember them in our prayers.”

Petrino Scandal Continues

University of Arkansas has been in the news lately as noted football coach, Bobby Petrino, was fired following a motorcycle crash involving the coach and a female member of his staff. That staff member, 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell, has now been placed on administrative leave.

The school fired Petrino after it came to light that he allegedly gave Dorrell favorable treatment in hiring her to his staff. He also refused to disclose initially that she was a passenger on his motorcycle.

Jeff Long, the school’s athletic director, said:

“Coach Petrino knowingly misled the athletics department and the university about the circumstances related to his accident.”

Petrino also allegedly had given the staffer about $20,000 and because he had not disclosed his relationship with her, he gave her “an unfair and undisclosed advantage for a position on his football staff.”

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