College completion efforts the focus of new program

As part of plans to encourage more students to finish college, President Barack Obama's administration has requested information from many academic institutions to see which approaches they have adopted are working, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Officials from the Department of Education are asking colleges to provide outlines for successful programs to help students finish college. The request for information comes as part of the president's wider goals to increase the number of graduates finishing college in the U.S. Strategies that have worked for responding colleges will be posted online to help schools that are struggling to graduate enough students.

"We are most interested in obtaining information about strategies that emphasize the quality of what students learn and timely or accelerated attainment of postsecondary degrees or certificates, including industry recognized credentials that lead to improved learning and employment outcomes," reads a summary that will be published in the Federal Register later today.

According to The Washington Post, President Obama has goals of ensuring that by 2020, every American has completed at least one year of college or career training.

In today's challenging employment market, finishing college and earning your degree can be a valuable asset. When you're filling out college applications, think about your job prospects after you graduate.


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