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A current student from Carleton College said:

Although I didn’t realize it until I got here, I could not have picked a better school. Students here truly love this school. This is seen by how prospective students are treated like celebrities, how there is an abundance of students who want the unpaid position of tour guide, and how Carls could go on for hours talking about their school. Here is a place where there are so many opportunities. Carls are involved. Not only can I be a student receiving a great education but also a volunteer, a friend, an athlete, a worker, a musician, a club member and so much more. Yes, Northfield is a small, rural, Minnesota town but that does not mean that activities are lacking. The school brings in bands weekly to ‘The Cave’, there are ‘Sayles’ dances, traditions such as Rotblatt, Spring Concert, and Screw your Roommate, sporting events, performances by both school and major musical, theater, and dance groups, speakers, camping and adventure trips, club sports, intramural sports, an 880 acre ‘Arb’, floor activities, free trips and tickets to the movie theater, weekly movie screenings, countless costume/dress-up parties… Students stay on campus on weekends because they want to. There is something for everyone.

Elizabeth from Sonoma State University said:

The campus is beautiful. The buildings are new and made of reusable materials. The dorms are spacious. The food is great! I love the fresh air. The brand new music building is so nice. There are lots of things to do on campus. I am very happy here!

Caitlyn from Tufts University said:

Tufts is bustling with activity 24-7. Students that attend here have diverse interests and that is definitely reflected through activities and events on campus. There are a plethora of dance shows, theater productions, intelligently themed parties, trips abroad, places to eat, and traditions in which many students participate. It is also worth noting that I have met more intelligent, motivated, and quirky individuals than I could have imagined. I love the intellectual atmosphere that combines with a work hard, play hard overall shared sentiment to foster an environment that is simultaneously stimulating and fun.

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