Spring Conference Presentations

Spring conference season is always an exciting time for us here at Cappex. It’s a great way to meet with college and high school connections and share knowledge about trends in higher education. This year we have already had the pleasure of presenting educational sessions at several annual conferences including SACAC, PCACAC and IACAC and we’re looking forward to the rest of our upcoming conference schedule which includes NYSACAC (6/2-6/3), WACAC (6/9-6/11), and PACAC (6/27-6/29), among others.

One of our conference presentations this spring centers on the anatomy of a college choice, and what type of online factors play into a student’s decision making process. For those of you who are interested in our presentations, but were not able to attend any of our speaking engagements, here are some highlights.

Findings are based on an online survey of over 2,400 2010 high school grads as well as data mining of 160,000 high school seniors.

What we’re hearing from students:

  • Online resources are outpacing all others when it comes to introducing students to new colleges
  • Colleges’ own websites and parents are the two most influential sources when students began narrowing down college choices
  • Chart #1

  • Students are most interested in learning about scholarships and financial aid information, and are concerned with the affordability of colleges
  • Use of Facebook for college searching is up 17% from 2009
  • Chart #2

What we’re hearing from college admissions:

  • 62% of colleges plan to dedicate more resources to social media in 2010 as compared to 2009
  • 47% of colleges say that social media is important or critically important to their recruitment strategies
  • Chart #3

We are proud to announce that Cappex president Chris Long will be speaking at the Lawlor Summer Seminar on June 10, as well as the Noel-Levitz National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing and Retention on July 21. Be on the lookout for more coverage of those presentations closer to the dates.

To request a full copy of the presentation, “The Anatomy of a College Choice: A National Perspective from College-Bound Students Online”, please contact Alex Stepien at For more information from Cappex, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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