President Chris Long Featured on PBS Nightly Business Report

PBS Nightly Business Report visited Cappex headquarters in Highland Park, IL to interview Chris Long, President and COO, about how merit aid can help students make college more affordable. Planning 101: Paying for College, a PBS Nightly Business Report special, aired Friday April 2, 2010 and is now streaming online.

“You might have a sticker price of a private institution of about $30,000 a year,” stated Long. “If you consider the merit aid that they might grant a student to go there, tuition can actually be cut by 30, 40, even 50 percent. So, the net cost to the student to go to a private institution might approach that of a public institution.”

The segment explores everything related to paying for college, including costs, savings plans, loans and more. Planning 101: Paying for College interviews a variety of college professionals as well as students and parents to get a well-rounded look at how to finance college educations.

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