BYU “mathletes” rap to raise awareness of program

A group of self-styled "mathletes" at Brigham Young University (BYU) were transformed from whiz kids to overnight superstars thanks to the reporting of The Washington Post, according to university officials.

The students, Sam Dittmer, Hiram Golze and Robert Yang, made an amateur rap video after basketball practice highlighting their recent wins over the competitive math teams of several colleges. Following a decisive victory over the University of Utah, the three students won against teams from Duke University, Yale University and Vanderbilt University, placing third in a national pool of 99 teams.

In addition to celebrating the achievements and mathematical abilities of the team, university officials hope that the YouTube video and subsequent report by a national newspaper could highlight how math can be cool, and encourage students to fill out college applications to the school.

According to the newspaper, lyrics featured in the video include the line, "Don't try to keep up once the math race gets going, when you're halfway done, they’ll be already Tebowing."

Math can be a real asset to graduates in today's competitive jobs market. If you're thinking about filling out college applications for a mathematical course of study, look into whether your prospective schools offer competitions like this one to help develop your skills.


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