Anti-bullying policies could harm free speech on campus

New measures intended to reduce bullying and sexual harassment on college campuses could infringe on free speech rights, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

A new report published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education suggests that many colleges across the country have adopted policies that could limit the free speech rights of students in an attempt to prevent bullying on campus. The survey polled 392 colleges and found that two-thirds have implemented "severely restrictive" speech policies.

The report uses a colored light ratings system. Schools that impose severe restrictions on students' rights to free speech are given red lights, and colleges that permit free speech fully are given green light ratings. Under this system, the state with the most freedoms of speech on campus is Virginia, in which 43 percent of universities were given green light status.

"Despite the clear trend towards fewer speech codes on campus over the past several years, there is reason to be profoundly concerned about new waves of campus censorship potentially facilitated by federal agencies and state and federal legislators," reads the report.

When you're doing a college search, look into the speech codes of prospective schools before submitting a college application. Your free speech rights are protected by the Constitution; however, when on campus, always be respectful and courteous to fellow students and faculty. 

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