Accreditation to play larger role in colleges’ federal funding

According to a new report, President Barack Obama's proposals to rework the way colleges receive federal funds should be more closely tied to accreditation of universities, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The study, conducted by the Department of Education's advisory committee, suggested that there should be a clear link between accreditation of colleges and how much money they receive from the government. Other recommendations made in the report include requiring schools to achieve minimum standards of performance to make it easier for students and parents to choose a school, and introducing college report cards to make academic performance of universities clearer for students filling out college applications.

"Accreditors are the most experienced source of information about academic quality and should continue to establish and assure consistency with academic quality standards in the determination of eligibility [for federal funding]," reads the report, as quoted by the news source.

According to The Atlantic, college report cards would make it easier for high school seniors filling out college applications to see how existing students are doing. They could also make figuring out things like eligibility for financial aid, including scholarships, simpler.

When you're doing a college search, take plenty of time to thoroughly research your prospective schools. Although graduation rates are important, make sure to look at all aspects of how a college is performing before committing to any decisions.

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