Five Majors with Great Starting Salaries

One of the main reasons people go to college these days is to get a decent-paying job after graduation. Earning potential is one factor when choosing a major. Sure, you may love underwater basket weaving, but will it pay the bills? Not all majors lead to jobs that pay the same.

Here are degrees that are some of the most sought after and, as such, have some of the top entry-level salaries, according to a 2007 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.


Average starting salary: $59,000 for chemical engineers, $50,000 for civil, computer and mechanical engineers.

Depending on specialty, engineers may work in a variety of fields for a variety of employers, including state and federal governments.

Computer Science

Average starting salary: $53,396
These majors work on the cutting edge of technology, performing research, design, programming and development work. Information Science students typically make $50,852 to start.

Management Information Systems/Business Data Processing

Average starting salary: $47,648

These majors work to integrate computer systems and online resources into business. This may include working on business plans, implementing technology, directing online operations and supervising network security.


Average starting salary: $47,239

Both banks and businesses need people to manage their money. Finance majors manage investments and expenditures for corporations of all sizes.


Average starting salary: $46,718

Individuals and businesses are in need of tax help. Accountants take care of taxes and also help businesses monitor regulations and changing law. Demand is strong for these positions, especially those with professional certifications.

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