Which majors have the best postgraduation job prospects?

For many students who are considering completing college applications, the economy and employment market continue to be causes for concern. The cost of attending college can be considerable, and some freshmen may worry about whether their education will be worth it. The Wall Street Journal recently compiled a list of majors that students may want to consider if they are concerned about postgraduate employment.

• Actuarial Science: With a graduate unemployment level of zero, students finishing college with a degree in this field can be confident of their prospects after graduation. Actuarial scientists apply statistical and mathematical analysis to assess risk in financial institutions.

• Pharmacology: The postgraduate employment market for pharmacology majors also looks good, with zero percent unemployment in the sector. Pharmacologists work to discover the effects of drugs and medications on people, and often work within the pharmaceutical manufacturing and development industries.

• Educational Administration and Supervision: As many higher education institutions try to make the most of federal funding and improve retention and graduation rates, demand for educational administrators and supervisors has never been higher. According to U.S. News and World Report, graduates of these majors typically go on to become school superintendents, principals and higher education administrators.

• Student Counseling: The pressure on today's students has never been more intense. As such, school counselors have become increasingly necessary to many academic institutions. School counselors can help students talk about their problems, offer advice on personal issues and any other concerns that learners may have.

• Geological and Geophysical Engineering: Graduates of geological and geophysical engineering programs analyze the properties of soil and rock to enable construction companies to erect buildings safely. The unemployment level in these fields is also zero, according to the Huffington Post.

• Astronomy and Astrophysics: Students who spent their childhoods looking through telescopes and memorizing the positions of constellations may want to consider earning a degree in astronomy and astrophysics. Graduates of these majors study the physics of celestial bodies such as stars, galaxies and planets, and how the interact with each other.

• Teacher Education: According to the National Center for Education Statistics, demand for teachers at all levels is expected to increase substantially in the coming years. Students looking for solid job prospects may want to consider filling out a college application to train the next generation of educators, as the unemployment rate in this field is a little over 1 percent.


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