Where Do Video Game Designers Go to College?

videogameIs Azeroth your home away from home?  Do you find yourself addicted to fighting wars that ended in 1945? Or do you have a VIP pass to the local go-kart facility where you shoot turtle shells at your competitors?  If your answer to any of these question is “yes,” you might have a serious passion for video games.

Your mom has probably told you a few times too many to put down your controller and do some homework because you can’t grow up to be a professional video gamer.  Well, maybe you actually can.  Video gaming is a huge industry, and it needs people to create its games.  There are undergraduate college programs where you can study how to design games, and there are scholarships for people who want to design video games as well!

Gamepro.com recently published the Princeton Review’s top 10 schools undergraduate video design schools and colleges.  Here’s what they said were the best schools and colleges for learning how to design video games:

1. University of Southern California
2. University of Utah
3. DigiPen Institute of Technology
4. Art Institute of Vancouver
5. Michigan State University
6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
7. Drexel University
8. Champlain College
9. Rochester Institute of Technology
10. Becker College

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  1. Ben says:

    This is a good list. There are more schools, and there are also a TON of options in this industry. http://game-designschools.com/ is a solid resource for any additional info as well.

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