Take your time when choosing a major

If you're a high school senior, chances are that you're feeling the pressure to choose a career path. Between Advanced Placement classes, college readiness exams and trying to find the college for you, the college application process can seem overwhelming. Adam Turay, a sophomore at the University of Virginia, recently wrote an opinion piece in The Washington Post, describing his experiences of struggling to choose a major.

He wrote that, unlike himself, many of the freshmen he met when he matriculated last year had clearly defined career goals, and seemed much more focused than he was at that time in his academic life.

"I was disheartened by the number of people who were committing so early to a major they might not like," Turay said. "As I met more and more people my year that already knew exactly what they wanted to do, I became less sure. I was forced to ask myself,  'Is it still OK not to know what you want to do after college?'"

According to the Fiscal Times, choosing a major early can help you graduate in four years or less, but that doesn't mean you should make hasty choices. It may be better to take some time to think about what you really want to study instead of making a quick decision that you may regret later.

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