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Today’s question:

The Wall Street Journal created an interactive online tool, using the 2010 Census data, that shows students’ career prospects in regards to their majors.

Certain college majors have higher unemployment rates than others:

Architecture – 10.6%
Linguistics & comparative literature – 8.5%
Commercial art & graphic designs – 8.1%
Drama & theater arts – 7.1%
Journalism – 7.0%
Computer engineering – 7.0%

And some are lower than most:

Medical technology technician – 1.4%
Nursing – 2.2%
Treatment therapy professions – 2.6%
Pharmacy – 3.2%
Elementary education – 3.6%
High school teacher –  3.8%
Finance – 4.5%
Physics – 4.5%

Do these numbers affect what you will be studying? Have you changed what you are studying in light of the economy or are you following your dreams?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I choose my major (music education) based on what I love to do. Money has nothing to do with it. While it it important to get a degree that will be useful, you should also do what you love.

  2. Florencia Salinas says:

    Well I’m a physics major and I want to be a radiation oncologist. 🙂 I think I will do well in life.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Well I choose Adolescent Young Adult Education, as I want to become a high school teacher. I went with this major because this is what I have been dreaming of doing for a long time and money and wither I will get a job or not when I leave college had nothing to do with my choice in major and it is not going to change my mind. You never know what’s going to happen after you complete your major, the unemployment rate will be different then it is right now. Employment and money is important and getting a degree that is useful is good too but it matters on what you love to do cause you don’t want to be stuck in a career that you hate.

  4. Cricket Garancosky says:

    I chose my major because it is what I want to do (for now, I eventually want to teach, but would like to learn more stuff before then). This may sound bad, but the reason unemployment is lower in some of those fields is because of this: People will always be sick, people will always be dying, people need financial advice (especially in this economy) and there will always be children who need to be taught. When the economy sucks then we flee from the arts and entertainment. We cannot just stop eating or magically get better when we are sick. Sad truth.

  5. B Bishop says:

    I am greatly affected as I am obtaining my Masters in Architecture. So, obviously the numbers haven’t deterred me from my field, but I am getting specialized skills in lieu of the current market to both increase my worth and chances of finding a job.

  6. Rachael says:

    I also chose my major based on what I love to do; what my passion is. I do worry at times about the income aspect/opportunities in my field. I am a performing arts (dance) major. There are opportunities out there. I don’t think I will change my mind about it unless I do not succeed after I have absolutely tried, and tried, and tried again! Even if I do, I believe I would still want to work in the dance/arts field because that is where my heart is.

  7. Stacy says:

    I am following my dream of becoming a computer information systems specialist. It just happens that the field I’ve chosen is in demand.

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