Education and healthcare majors may find many jobs after graduation

A new report published by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce suggests that graduates of education and healthcare degree programs are the most likely to be employed after finishing their studies.

The study indicates that pursuing a college degree is still a worthy investment for young people who want to succeed in today's challenging job market. Although unemployment for graduates remains only slightly under 9 percent, students who successfully complete their studies stand a much better chance of finding work than those who do not. Unemployment of individuals who only possess a high school diploma stands at more than 22 percent, and almost 32 percent high school dropouts remain out of work.

According to the report, graduates of healthcare, education, engineering and science degree programs were far less likely to be unemployed after earning a degree. This is due to the expansion of certain employment sectors and more stability in these jobs.

When you're doing a college search, you should not only choose a major that interests you, but that could lead to a job after you graduate. Before filling out college applications, consider how you can apply your future degree toward your career goals.

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