Can’t decide on a college major? Don’t stress

When many students embark on the college search, they feel pressured to choose the major they will pursue in school. While it is definitely important for you to start thinking about your future, as well as the subjects that interest you, not knowing what you want to major in should not be a source of stress.

Typically, students who are pursuing a bachelor's degree do not need to declare a major until the end of sophomore year. Therefore, during your first two years of school, you will most likely take many general education classes.

These courses can provide a great opportunity, as they will expose you to a wide variety of topics, giving you better insight into what subjects interest you and which don't. During this time, take notes on which aspects of your classes you like as well as what motivates you to learn more. Ultimately, taking a little time for some soul searching can go a long way when picking a major.

However, since every school has different policies regarding majors, students should be sure to check with a college admissions officer or adviser in order to get a better sense of when they need to declare a major and what classes they should take in the meantime.  

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