6 Signs You Should Change Your Major

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Did your heart leap for joy when you read the title of this post? Deep down, are you hoping this list validates your suspicions that you need to change your major? If so, it might be time for you to make some moves! Read through these warning signs and then decide for yourself if you definitely need to switch your studies.

  • You are bored. You either fall asleep in classes that pertain to your major or daydream through them and barely pay attention. You could not care less about the subject matter and the professors bore you. The uninteresting lectures never seem to improve and every class is a reminder that you are wasting your time. If you are this bored, you might want to change your major.
  • You are failing. Or close to failing. In any case, you are doing terribly in your major classes. You don’t understand the subject matter or struggle with the concepts. Even after trying to work with professors or tutors, nothing really makes sense to you. If you are frustrated with how difficult the classes are, you might want to change your major.
  • You chose it just to choose one. You were applying to schools and they said, “Declare!” so you declared! It was as if you closed your eyes and picked a major out of a hat. Or perhaps the only thought you gave the decision was, “English is broad. I’ll major in English.” If you are not passionate about your studies and just chose something so you’d have an answer when people asked about it, you might want to change your major.
  • You browse other majors. You find yourself scrolling through your school’s website on the regular, researching other majors and growing slightly jealous of students studying exotic things like Electrical Engineering or Music Theory. You fantasize about reading American History textbooks or designing clothing for an exhibition. If you can see yourself strongly in another department and dream about it constantly, you might want to change your major.
  • You chose it to please your parents. Mom and Dad said, “Pre-med!” so you declared Pre-med! Mom and Dad said, “Business!” so you declared Business! Well, Mom and Dad don’t have to go to your classes, nor are they you. You are the one who will do the work and work the job in the future, so make sure you choose a major that satisfies YOU. If you felt forced into your major, you might want to change it. Talk to your counselor about your options if you feel you need a boost in the right direction here.
  • You dread working. You realize that even if you ace your major’s classes and can stay focused, you cannot stand the thought of spending your life post-graduation working in your chosen field. If you abhor all the jobs available within your major, you might want to change your major.


Original Post Date: August 20th, 2012

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