You Graduated! Now What?

Spring is here, and so is graduation. You’re done with college – now what?

Now everything! Don’t let any feelings of loss – or being lost – get in your way. Here are some things to remember as a fresh face in the non-college world.

Keep Learning

You may be sick of school, class and homework, but a key to making life post graduation awesome is to continue learning anywhere you go. The fun part in this life stage is that learning does not limit you to studying alone in a library. Dance classes, painting courses or cooking workshops are all forms of learning and unique ways to meet new people outside of a school setting.

Start Saving

You’re probably working hard to pay off Student Loans, but finding ways to not spend your money will benefit you big time in the long run. It seems obvious, but the importance of saving money when you’re young can never be overstated. When you get a job, see if you can arrange for your employer to directly deposit a small amount of your paycheck into a separate savings account each pay day. You’ll thank yourself later!


Now is a great time to travel. You don’t have a full time job yet, so scheduling won’t be difficult. You’re young and probably have a group of friends interested in traveling, too. Take advantage of this awesome time in your life – once you begin job hunting it will be hard to get away. Travel now!

Explore Internship Opportunities

Even though most recent grads will be job hunting, the job market is not stellar. It might be beneficial to explore internship opportunities in fields related to your major or specialty. Even if its unpaid, a small amount of time spent working for people connected to your industry of choice can have a huge effect on your job hunt. You’ll gain real experience and make connections. Check out Cappex’s 5 Benefits to a Post Graduate Internship.

Amp Up Your Resume

The job market right now is super competitive, so you’ll want to make a great first impression with a well written resume. Revise yours to reflect your collegiate accomplishments and have a stack ready in case you need to send one out. You never know when an opportunity will pop up from a random connection. Keep the employer’s perspective in mind when writing.

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