Where To Look For An Internship

The summer after your sophomore year is a great time to gain real-world training and insight into your field of study with a summer internship. Companies all over the country look for student interns to help out during the busy summer months, giving you a hands-on, short-term experience in the industry and an early glimpse at the career options available to you after graduation. An internship is a great way to start building your resume, gain personal business contacts, and form a relationship with a company in your field. There are many tools available to students looking for internships, and finding them is easy!

Utilize Your University

Universities like to help students find employment and be successful in the working world, both in internships while still enrolled and at the full-time level after graduation. There are many resources—some that you may not have even been aware of—available to students that you should take full advantage of.

1. The Career Center: Somewhere on campus, there is a Career Center or Employment Office filled with counselors who are eager to use their resources to help you find an internship. Making an appointment will allow you to meet a counselor face-to-face and explore the options that are available to you. Your counselor may also know personal contacts looking for interns, and if you fit their criteria, can recommend you for an interview.

2. Your University’s Career Website: Many university websites feature a forum for employers to create job postings targeted at students of the school. Because these companies are seeking students like you, it can be a great way to find an internship where you will learn a lot and be successful. Review the internship listings on your schools website, and you’re likely to find exciting opportunities for the summer.

3. The Job Fair: Roughly twice a year, universities put on job fairs to give students the chance to meet potential employers and help employers recruit students for open positions. Job fairs are a great resource when looking for an internship, and will allow you to meet members of Human Resources teams who are responsible for interviewing and hiring.

Internet Job Boards

On the internet, there are many search engines solely for students looking for internships. These websites allow you to create a profile, upload your academic and previous work information, and browse internships across different cities, industries, pay levels, and time frames. Some of these websites even allow recruiters to view your profile and contact you—rather than waiting for you to apply—if they are interested in hiring you. Try internships.com, internmatch.com, internweb.com, internsearch.com, or idealist.org to get started today!

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