What To Do Before Moving To A New City After College Graduation

After spending a few years in one location, it’s natural that grads seek new experiences outside of their college towns. According to Apartmentguide.com, more than 70 percent of postgraduates are planning on moving to a new city once they graduate from college.  Are you one of them?

Relocating can be simultaneously exciting and daunting.  Keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed by making a plan.


Find the Right Location

Cities like New York and Los Angeles are enticing, but finding affordable housing and a job can be tricky. Rent.com factored in mean annual income, median rent, and unemployment rate and found that Atlanta, Boston, Denver, and Washington, DC, are among the top 10 cities that college grads would most likely find housing, work, and a reasonable paycheck.


Among the most important elements you’ll need to take into consideration before moving, is of course finding a job.  No matter the city you choose, research its job market for your industry and the average starting salaries. Get a head start on the job search, so that you have a handful of leads once you arrive. Look into internships too. Any cover letters you send with job applications should include your plans to relocate. Be aware that many employers will not cover relocation expenses.

Know Anticipated Costs

You’ll also need to know the city’s cost of living. How much is rent? Is there public transit? If so, how much does it cost? How much is the average utility cost? What other bills will you have to pay? Carefully budgeting will allow you figure how much you will need to make to cover typical living expenses. Before you move, save enough money so that you have a safety net.

Research Neighborhoods

Much like the college decision process, it’s a good idea to look before you leap. Explore options by researching both official sources and other web pages where you can read reports about neighborhood characteristics, rents, and businesses.  If possible, visit the city – walk around, get a feel for the lifestyle, and talk to locals.

Use your Social Networks

Send a message out to your social networks to see if anyone else is considering moving to the area. You’ll be surprised how quickly a new city shrinks when you know you aren’t there alone. Also research whether there are alumni in that city you can connect with. Your alma mater’s alumni associations can help you meet with alumni living in your relocation city willing to pass along useful tips.





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