Top 3 Career Opportunities for Any Major

A college degree in any discipline can be an asset to your career, but what you study doesn’t have to be the only thing you do throughout your career. There are many opportunities in a variety of fields for people with degrees in everything from engineering to poetry; however, finding career opportunities that don’t require a specific degree can be confusing if you don’t know where to look. Here are a few career options that work for any degree.

Customer Service: Using Your Personality

Necessary Skills: patience, active listening, friendliness
Preferred Skills: quick thinking, sales-minded

Customer service representatives interact with their customers in person, over the phone, and via the internet to assist them with transactions, resolve issues, and answer any questions a customer may have. The majority of customer service representatives start out as entry-level employees with little or no experience required.

There is room for entry-level employees to grow with many companies in a customer service role as a supervisor or senior-level employee. Most companies look for a mixture of experience and education when filling these roles and generally hire from within.

Sales: The Power of Persuasion

Necessary Skills: interpersonal communication, passion for the product, trustworthiness
Preferred Skills: patience, drive

Working in sales is a popular career path for graduates with many different majors. Sales representatives are employed in nearly every industry from advertising to distribution. This means there are many career opportunities no matter what your interests are.

People working in sales help companies to identify potential customers and turn leads into profits. Communication skills are vital when working in a sales role. The ability to work with a variety of different types of people and build long-term relationships are perhaps the most important part of this career.

Management: Lead the Pack

Necessary Skills: leadership, interpersonal communication, analytical
Preferred Skills: detail-oriented, organizational

Managers lead groups of employees within an organization by making strategic decisions to allow the organization to operate efficiently. Management positions exist in almost every industry, including but not limited to administration, hospitality, construction, health care, retail, finance, agriculture, and engineering.

While most people are not able to work in management without at least a few years of relevant leadership experience, being a manager is often more about utilizing your skills than your degree. Perhaps the most important personal attributes to be successful in this career are leadership qualities and the ability to communicate effectively.

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