Top 10 Coolest Internships


Interns might have a reputation for being nothing more than glorified coffee-fetchers, but plenty of companies have internship programs that allow recent grads and current students hands-on experience, decent pay, cool perks, and legitimate resume-boosting credentials. So get your resume ready, because here are ten of the coolest internship programs offered today.

1. Accenture: If you are looking for an internship in consulting, there is no better company to look toward than Accenture. These internships, taking place all over the United States, offer hands-on consulting experience. These are paid summer positions for undergraduates, meaning you won’t have to serve coffee on the side for spending cash. And you’ll get to experience the work of a full-time consultant.

2. Viacom: Work with the company in charge of MTV Networks and VH1. With positions available in every department from Production to Design, there is awesome job training waiting for just about anyone.

3. IBM: IBM offers a comprehensive internship program with benefits that rival most full-time jobs: competitive salary, paid holidays, “challenging and stimulating work assignments in leading-edge technology and service operations.” For an internship in technology development, you can’t beat IBM.

4. Nordstrom: The Nordstrom Retail Management Internship is available to recent college grads with an interest in fashion retail. Receive mentoring in the area of luxury retail management, a competitive wage, an employee merchandise discount, and the offer of an assistant manager or salesperson position upon completion of the program. Internships in other areas are also available.

5. Google: Google offers technical and non-technical internships for students and recent grads able to commit three months full-time. Work at the coolest company, earn money, and be at the forefront of the latest in social media technology.

6. Huffington Post: Work at one of the fastest-growing internet publications to gain experience in areas such as editorial, social media, and software development. Huff Post internships are paid opportunities that allow you to do important work within the company.

7. MillerCoors: Talk about a unique summer job! Learn the basics of a career in brewery, complete with plenty of opportunities to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Miller hosts two social events for employees per week. (Must be 21 or older to apply.)

8. Electronic Arts: Want a career in video game creation? Check out EA. Their internship program also offers a weekly speaker series, ample opportunities to network, experience working on the creation of new games, and sometimes even a full-time job upon completion.

9. Apple: Get hands-on at Apple, where interns work alongside seasoned professionals for product development. Maybe you’ll be partially responsible for the next iPhone-level sensation.

10. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Art history buffs should flock to the Met’s internship program, offering full access to all of the museum’s collections, as well as other collections and research libraries in the NYC area. Learn about art (and earn a healthy stipend!).

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