Startup places emphasis on importance of programming skills in today’s colleges

Should all students filling out college applications learn basic computer programming skills? That's the question being asked by entrepreneurial startup Codeacademy, according to Inside Higher Ed. Codeacademy recently launched a new marketing campaign highlighting the importance of learning computer programming skills in today's information age.

The startup has created a website, known as Code Year, that enables students to learn the basics of computer programming through a web-based interface. The site could prove valuable to college freshmen, and not just those studying computer science.

"No matter what you major in or what job you eventually take, you'll use a computer at work.  You'll use a computer at home.  Almost all your communications will be digital," Audrey Watters, a blogger for Hack Education, wrote. "So just as we expect college graduates to be critical thinkers, decent essay writers, and moderately well-read adults, it does seem as though we should expect them to be able to 'hack' as well."

Learning programming skills could make college students more attractive candidates in a crowded job market. According to The Washington Post, more than 290,000 people have signed up for free tutorials through the Code Year website.

Do you know how to code? Do incentives like Code Year make you want to learn?


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