How to Consider Grad School Over Summer

It’s the summer before your senior year! You cannot believe how fast the time went! You’re looking forward to your senior seminar, final projects, and living in your first apartment off campus! You may also start wondering what it is you’re going to do once you graduate. One of your options could be graduate school, and since the graduation application process can begin as early as the first few weeks of the Fall semester, you may want to consider it now!

Do I Need Graduate School?

Spend some time over the summer doing some research on what a masters degree could do for you in your field. Is this something you have to get for your dream job? Is this something that could allow you to have a great advantage in your field? What kind of degree would compliment the degree you’re about to earn? If you don’t need a masters degree, and if having one won’t give you any advantages in your career, graduate school probably isn’t your best option after graduation.

Do I Want Graduate School?

Some students graduate college ready to dive into grad school full force! Other students never want to find themselves in a classroom again! There are also some college seniors who would love to go to graduate school one day, but right now they’ve had it with school! Determine where you are on this spectrum. If you’ve had senior-itis since your junior year, you probably don’t want to start another degree just yet. Grad school is a lot of hard work, and if you’re already over school, you wouldn’t be doing your best if you went right away.

What Might I Need?

Even if you have no idea where you would attend graduate school, you can start getting a feel for what the application process involves. What type of essays might you have to submit? What kind of tests will you have to take, and what score would you aim to receive? Do you need letters of recommendation, and if so, who have you met the past three years you could ask? What kind of GPA is required for acceptance? What are your options if your GPA isn’t at its highest? If you know now what’s expected of you to apply, you have the power to make changes. You have this semester to raise your grades or to improve your relationships with past professors.

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