How High School or College Students Can Write a Resume that Rocks!

Resume-WritingWhether you’re in high school,  college or a recent college graduate, writing a killer resume is an important skill.  After all, employers read mountains of resumes from motivated high school students, eager college students, and desperately looking for a job college graduates.  How will you make your resume stand apart from all the others?

Skipping Breakfast offers up some words of wisdom to students looking to make their resumes pop:

Find a template that works for you! There’s an office on your high school or college campus that has some example resumes. Use those as a starting point! If you can’t find one, just go to Google.
• Don’t go beyond a page. As a general rule, one page on a resume represents five years of work experience. If you have a lot of experience, pick and choose what you feel best represents you. And, you can always add/remove experiences later to make your resume targeted towards a specific job.

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