College Grads Can Text the Text, But Can They Use a Phone?

teen-cell-phone1Perhaps it’s the fear that they don’t really understand the technology, or maybe it’s just that they’d prefer to communicate with someone without having to translate “Kk. Kewl, ttyl8r”–but, according to eCampus News, employers want to see that their new hires can hold a conversation past the point of “LOL. brb”

According to the article, recent college grads should especially be prepared for phone interviews.  After all, since most students text so frequently, they are generally not prepared to hold lengthy and articulate phone conversations. On top of poor phone skills, young job applicants are more likely to use cell phones during phone interviews instead of clearer and more easy to hear landlines. In a difficult hiring market like this one, just having a leg up on a simple phone interview can make the difference.

And if you’re going to follow up with an employer, just make sure it’s not through a text message.

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