5 Ways To Be Proactive About Your Future!

As a college student, your job is to study, learn, build skills and have fun. Explore your world! While it’s important to be in the moment and focus on school, it’s never too early to begin career planning. This does not necessarily mean concrete planning, but having some foresight about your future is a great idea. Here are some things you can do to be proactive about your future career.

Consider Attending Graduate School

Depending on your major, you are either bound to attend some form of graduate school or have never considered it as an option. Medical School is necessary for doctors, obviously. But if you aren’t pre-med, graduate programs may be worth investigating if you enjoy learning in a more challenging and competitive environment. Take a look at these six things you should know before applying to grad school. If you know Law School is or may be in your future, check out Cappex’s list of the best Law Schools in the country.

Study a Second Language

It’s not everyone’s strong suit, but studying a second language will come in very handy when you graduate college and begin applying for jobs. Our world is becoming smaller in many ways and knowing even the basics of another language will make you more valuable to an employer. Take a foreign language class if you can fit it into your schedule!

Think Outside the Box

You might have a freak-out moment where you yell, “Help! My major is useless in today’s job market!” Don’t worry. There are a lot of jobs to which you can apply all that you’ve learned earning your degree. Remember: work forward from where you are. You have a great set of skills that will vary in demand over time, but use what you have now to work towards an ultimate goal.

Have an Ultimate Goal!

An ultimate goal shouldn’t be a binding goal – demands change rapidly and so do you. You might change your mind down the road and that’s okay! But having a direction is better than having no direction. You can’t discover what you really want to do if you never start anything. So, choose a goal like graduating from Law School or writing a book or teaching a class. Work towards it from where you stand now.

Build Leadership Skills

Having experience as a leader will make you much more appealing to future employers and will definitely give you confidence to tackle your career search post college. Here are three awesome ways you can build leadership skills!

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